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Professor Lerman Quoted by New York Times on Lobbying of State Attorney General


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Catholic University law school Professor Lisa Lerman was quoted in a Nov. 9 article in the New York Times, “Link Shows How Lobby Firm Cultivates Influence,” which questions the relationship between a major D.C. law/lobbying firm and the office of the Florida Attorney General.
Lerman was asked to comment upon the offer by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi of the use of her home in Tampa by a lobbyist and lawyer from Dickstein Shapiro, described by the Times as “The Washington-based firm that specializes in building personal relationships with state attorneys general to help corporate clients avoid becoming targets of investigation.”
Lerman, who is co-author of the widely known casebook “Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law,” said that Bondi’s actions certainly raise a question of propriety.
The Times quoted Lerman:
“You want these relationships with the law enforcement official to be arm’s length to help ensure the decisions would be dispassionate,” Ms. Lerman said. “This seems like the opposite of that. I think it is unseemly.”
The article is part a continuing investigation by the Times into the relationship between private lawyers and state attorneys general.