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Dean Attridge Profiled on Lawdragon Campus



Columbus School of Law Dean Daniel F. Attridge is the subject of the latest “Dean’s Limelight” from Lawdragon, a well-known web site that chronicles the legal profession at large. In April 2014, it launched a new enterprise, Lawdragon Campus, which focuses solely on law schools and legal education. The Dean’s Limelight profiles academic leaders for prospective law students who are researching law schools. 

Attridge is the tenth law school dean so far to be the subject of a spotlight feature. Unlike many such web sites, Lawdragon does not presume to rank law schools, but instead provides potential future students other metrics and information that may help them arrive at a sound decision.
The Lawdragon web site states,
“…Our goal is to improve law school choice by increasing the amount of meaningful information available and giving it to you in a searchable format.
Lawdragon Campus is founded on the principle that there is no one best law school in the United States, but there is one that’s best for each individual candidate – if, in fact, law school is the right choice. We hope this replaces the one-size-fits-all mentality that encourages students to go to the best-ranked school that will accept them.”