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Lisa Vollendorf Martin 


Clinical Associate Lisa Martin Presents Analysis
of ‘Parenting Time’ within Child Support Orders


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Lisa Martin, co-director of the Families and the Law Clinic and director of the Experiential Curriculum at the Columbus School of Law, presented a paper, “The Parenting Time Imperative,” on Oct. 24 at the Fourth Annual Southern Clinical Conference:  Assessment, Outcomes and the Value of Clinical Legal Education, held in Williamsburg, VA.  

Co-authored with her CUA Law faculty colleague Professor Stacy Brustin, the paper evaluates the legal and practical implications of federal proposals to mandate the inclusion of parenting time provisions within all child support orders obtained by state child support enforcement agencies.
Martin further explains:
“The proposals' aims are important: promoting active fatherhood, increasing child support compliance, and offering unmarried parents the ability to address all caretaking issues related to children in one proceeding. But, the proposals also threaten to usurp the autonomy that unmarried parents currently have to allocate caretaking responsibilities as they see fit, weaken the quality of custody and visitation adjudications for low-income, unrepresented litigants, and increase the potential for coercion and harm in cases with a history of domestic violence. 
This article evaluates these policy proposals and situates them in the broader contexts of fundamental parental rights and traditional domestic relations law and policy. The article concludes that the potential benefits of these policies pale in comparison to the risks they pose. Rather than pursuing simplified solutions, the article proposes that policymakers adopt a multilayered approach that supports parents in addressing their financial and caretaking needs while respecting the integrity of their choices.”
“The Parenting Time Imperative” will be published in the spring of 2015 in 48 Ind. L. Rev.