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Professor Lucia Sileccchia Pens Essay for University Faculty for Life

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Catholic University law school Professor Lucia Silecchia contributed a new essay to the January, 2013 issue of Pro Vita, the quarterly newsletter of University Faculty for Life. 

Silecchia’ s essay, Law and Life: The Dignity of Life and the Teaching of Law, suggests avenues by which law professors may raise issues of human life with their students by examining legal inconsistencies or contradictions in such areas as trusts and estates, criminal law, environmental law, and juvenile law, among others.
For example, a professor may wish to question with students why preborn endangered animals enjoy expansive legal protection, while preborn humans go defenseless.
“It is no surprise that human life questions interest law students,” Silecchia writes.  “These profound moral questions are also critical legal matters. Law professors have rich and varied ways to advance the dignity of human life – in ways both direct and subtle.”  
The newsletter periodically turns its spotlight on various academic disciplines and the pro-life approach to that field. Recently is has featured literature, and in the latest issue it is law, timed to coincide with the aftermath of the presidential national election and the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
University Faculty for life was founded in 1989. One of its goals is “to provide a forum to foster multidisciplinary dialogue and collaboration among professors concerned about human life.”