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Pro-Life Leaders Share Tips for Making a Difference in Legal Careers



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There are few careers better suited than law for making a difference in public policy or in the court of public opinion.
Catholic University law students were reminded of this potential on March 22 when Advocates for Life, a national organization of pro-life law students, sponsored a panel discussion at the law school, “Making a Difference for Life: Pro-Life Leaders Explain How You Can Make a Difference in Your Legal Career.”
The daylong event featured a number of prominent voices in the pro-life cause, including that of CUA Law Professor Mark Rienzi (above, at mic) who explained to the audience how he has managed to combine his love of the law with his passionate support of the pro-life effort.
Rienzi recalled that the first law firm to employ him following graduation was not filled with colleagues who shared his point of view. In fact, most were strongly pro-choice and the firm declined to involve itself in representation of the abortion issue on one side or the other.
“So I kept calling people up and elbowing my way into cases by volunteering to help for free,” Rienzi said. His pro bono offers were gladly accepted, and over time Rienzi developed practice expertise in the pro-life cause that has served him well both in the courtroom and with the media, which often seeks him out for comment and analysis about national cases.
“I spent a lot of time in the midst of people who disagreed with me,” Rienzi said, while urging future legal volunteers on the pro-life side to learn to confront opposing views in a civil manner.
“There is value in knowing how to talk to people with different points of view,” he concluded.  

Advocates for Life is an initiative of Americans United for Life.