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 (Photography by Greg Stack)

Nothing Trivial About It - First Year Class Enjoys Luncheon with Faculty and Staff

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What food-related item did President Obama release prior to his speech at the Democratic National Convention this year? (
“White House Honey Ale,” a beer recipe)
Which Supreme Court justice was witness to Babe Ruth’s famous called shot in the 1932 World Series? (Justice John Paul Stevens)
There is nothing like a good trivia question to spark a conversation between people still getting to know each other. The magic worked once again on Feb. 22 for the annual luncheon for first-year students hosted by the law school.
The luncheon and its table-versus-table trivia quiz has become a popular feature among students, giving  them a chance to sit down—with their first semester now in the rearview mirror—and talk with members of the law school faculty and staff about how things are going.  
It also provides an occasion for the dean to bring the students up to date on the latest law school happenings, as Dean Attridge did when he described the selection of the Columbus School of Law as the institutional home for “The CUA Law/Ehrlich Partnership on Clemency," which will be among the country’s first law school-based clinics devoted to the research and study of executive clemency and the power of pardon.
The enjoyable occasion also challenged the dozen or so tables of diners to compete for the most original name. The winner: “One Short of a Bench.”