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Professor Lisa Martin's Scholarship to be Included
in Leading Text on Domestic Violence Law

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An excerpt from a recent law review article by Catholic University law school Professor Lisa Martin will be included in the upcoming 4th edition of Lemon's Domestic Violence Law (Westlaw, 2009).
Martin granted permission to the textbook’s author, Berkeley Law School Professor Nancy K.D. Lemon, to reprint portions of her article, “What's Love Got to Do with It: Securing Access to Justice for Teens,” 61 Catholic University Law Review 457 (2012).
“I am thrilled because it is a widely respected and widely used text,” said Martin, a clinical associate in Catholic University’s Columbus Community Legal Services. “I am hopeful that the inclusion of my excerpt in the text will help educate more current and future lawyers about how they can use existing laws and advocate for legal reforms to better protect teenagers from dating violence.”
Using examples from the Washington, D.C., court system, Martin’s article highlights the unequal handling of civil protection orders for women who request them based on whether or not they are legal minors.
Across the nation, young women under the age of 18 who are beaten or abused by their partners face a more difficult task obtaining protection from the courts.
“To offer teens meaningful legal protection from abuse, state legislatures must draft statutes in a manner that facilitates teens' access to civil protection orders. Protection-order statutes must clearly and unconditionally grant abused teens standing and legal capacity to seek protection orders, without requiring parent notification or involvement,” Martin writes.
A publication date has not yet been announced for the 4th edition of Lemon’s Domestic Violence Law.