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Law School Holds Steady in Recalculated Rankings from National Jurist

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Charging full-tilt at the monopoly that US News has enjoyed with its annual law school rankings, National Jurist magazine set out to give the influential system some competition in its February 2013 issue. 
Building a Better Ranking” is the result of months of intensive labor on the part of National Jurist.  Explicitly rejecting some of the key criteria employed by US News, the Jurist’s alternative methodologies exclude LSAT and GPA scores from its formula, as well as the reputational component that accounts for approximately 25 percent of a law school’s ultimate ranking as calculated US News style.
By contrast, the National Jurist rankings focuses on student satisfaction, diversity, and post-graduate success, and even weigh data from, which is not used at all by US News.
The Columbus School of Law is hardly affected by the starkly different approaches to law school rankings. National Jurist places it #83, and US News #82.
Other law schools took wild swings and dips, with the University of Alabama, for example, being placed ahead of Harvard Law School on the National Jurist list. Pepperdine University’s law school, by contrast, fell from #54 by US News to #98 in the National Jurist rankings.