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J.S. Bach Invited to March Faculty Luncheon

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There wasn’t a place card in front of his seat, but there may as well have been. The spirit and music of the German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist—deceased 263 years ago—was strongly present at the March 21 faculty luncheon held in room 220.
Bach was present in the music of IBIS, an Arlington, Va.-based chamber music society that was invited by Professor David Lipton to perform for colleagues in a relaxed and informal setting.
IBIS founders Joseph Scheer and Susan Robinson spent more than an hour discussing the pleasures of performing chamber music and answering questions about the genre and its greatest composers.
They performed a number of representative pieces by Bach and others, offering historical and musical context for each selection.
The husband and wife team are highly accomplished professional musicians. Scheer is the concertmaster of the Boston POPS Esplanade Orchestra, and Robinson is the principal harpist of the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra and the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra.  When not on the road, the couple resides in Northern Virginia.

The mission of IBIS, according to its Web site, is: To present great chamber music concerts, which feature a refreshing variety of music and a friendly approach to music-making. Our programming ranges from the familiar to the unconventional and
encompasses a dazzling spectrum of sonorities. We are as interested in the audience member who
protests that he 'knows nothing about music' as the more experienced concert-goer.”
For many years, Professor Lipton has arranged for speakers, poets, novelists, policy-makers, leading jurists and many other leading professionals to enliven the monthly faculty lunches.
By unanimous acclaim, the presentation of classic chamber music by two superb and engaging musicians ranked among his best efforts yet.