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Communications Law Institute Students Take "Final Exam" at Downtown Law Firm

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They’ve been working toward it for a year, and on Feb. 26 students enrolled in the Columbus School of Law’s “Becoming a Communications Lawyer” class got the chance to demonstrate what they’ve learned at a mock hearing conducted in the Washington, D.C. offices of telecommunications firm Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP. 

Course instructors Bryan Tramont and Rosemary Harold are partners at the firm. The class exercise was set up as ex parte, meaning it was a proceeding that is conducted for the benefit of only one party.
Six current and former FCC attorneys took part in the mock meeting and played the roles of attorneys from the Office of General Counsel at the FCC and advisers in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and International Bureau, as well as current FCC Commissioners.
“Students represented corporate and public interest groups seeking to advance their clients' interests regarding an actual FCC docket that looked at modifying service rules for spectrum recently acquired by DISH Network,” explained third-year evening student Jonathan Quigley.
The students also drafted mock comments for submission to the FCC.
“Becoming a Communications Lawyer” is a class offered through Catholic University’s Communications Law Institute Certificate program.