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Iraqi Leader Discusses Peaceful Coexistence at Law School

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A member of the Iraqi National Assembly visited the Columbus School of Law on June 14 to discuss "Iraqi Social Diversity and Peaceful Coexistence" at the invitation of the law school’s Interdisciplinary Program in Law and Religion—Middle Eastern Dialogue Series.
Speaking through an interpreter and drawing heavily from the writings of the Koran, Sheik Khaled al-Attiyeh discussed the diversity of humankind, with its amazing array of languages, cultures, and skin colors. Within Islam itself, said the sheik, there is a broad range of diverse peoples, a fact that he called “a key to Islam’s success.”
The sheik is a member of constitution drafting and integrity parliamentary committees his nation’s national assembly, as well as a member of the council of representatives.
Sheik al-Attiyeh served as the acting head of the Union of the Arab Parliament in numerous international conferences and governmental meetings, and he is also a member of the Scientific Hawaz.