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2013 Grads Garner Publishers and Attention for their Legal Scholarship

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Michael Ellement, a member of the Columbus School of Law’s Class of 2013, will have his essay “Preclearance without Statutory Change: Bail-In Suits Post-Shelby County,” published in August in Inter Alia, the online companion to the Yale Law & Policy Review.  

Ellement was an unusually prolific author while still in school, having published four previous articles as a law student. The Yale Law & Policy Review's Online Companion has also agreed to publish a separate essay of Ellement’s, dealing with the Supreme Court's recent Voting Rights Act decision.
Meanwhile, a July 18 blog posting by The Economist titled “Who Owns Your Data When You’re Dead?” includes a reference to an article by Maria Perrone, also Class of 2013, who published “What Happens When We Die: Estate Planning of Digital Assets,” in CommLaw Conspectus, Journal of Communications Law and Policy (Vol. 21, Issue 1, 2012).
Perrone’s work explains how internet firms and digital service-providers sit in final judgment when it comes to deciding the fate of data belonging to a deceased person.
CommLaw Conspectus is a semiannual publication typically containing articles written by communications law scholars and practitioners, as well as student notes and comments. The journal also publishes essays, book reviews, and summaries of major communications law cases and FCC dockets.