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Professor Mark Rienzi’s Scholarship Cited in Recent Ruling
on Religious Freedom for Business Owners



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Catholic University law school Professor Mark Rienzi’s writings on the question of how far the Affordable Care Act may go in requiring health insurance coverage of practices objectionable on religious grounds have garnered attention from courts around the country. 

The latest example comes from the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which ruled on Nov. 1 in favor of two brothers from Ohio who declined to provide contraceptive coverage to employees of their businesses on the grounds that it conflicted with their Catholic faith.
In a concurring opinion for the majority on the divided court, Judge A. Raymond Randolph cited a recent Rienzi law review article on the topic of religious freedom for business owners, “God and the Profits: Is There Religious Liberty for Money-Makers?” 21 Geo. Mason L. Rev.
A full account of the court’s action in the case of Gilardi v. the Department of Health and Human Services may be viewed in the New York Times.

Rienzi’s scholarship has also been cited in several recent briefs, including one on behalf of 18 states arguing that the Supreme Court should take up this issue now.