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Adrianne Lyons Buenavista, CUA Law Class of 2013, offers her opening argument at a workshop
for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. (Photo courtesy of the DC Bar Foundation.)



Professor Faith Mullen Helps Train for National Institute of Trial Advocacy


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Catholic University Law School Professor Faith Mullen was one of five trainers who conducted a workshop for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA) on Sept. 11-13.  Sponsored by NITA and the DC Bar Foundation, the training was geared especially for D.C. legal services lawyers and held at the law firm of Crowell and Moring. 

Adrianne Lyons Buenavista, CUA Law Class of 2013 and now with Legal Counsel for the Elderly, was one of 16 local legal services lawyers who went through three days of intensive training in trial fundamentals. The practice included opening statements, direct and cross examination, introducing documents into evidence, and closing arguments. On the third day, the participants conducted trials in a mock hearing about an eviction from public housing based on an arrest for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. 
“This was a remarkable opportunity to work with new legal services lawyers to help them develop trial skills. Participants were able to hone their skills in a short time. I relished the opportunity to meet and work with these future leaders,” said Professor Mullen.
The NITA training was significant because it was the first time it was tailored to DC legal service lawyers. The two day session was part of an access-to-justice initiative with the DC Bar Foundation.