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Professor Mary Leary to Serve on Advisory Board for Child Sex Trafficking Initiative


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Catholic University law school Professor Mary Leary has accepted an invitation from the International Association of Chiefs of Police to serve as an advisory member for its Child Sex Trafficking Toolkit for Law Enforcement Initiative. 

Leary, among the nation’s foremost experts on child sex trafficking and related crimes, will serve through October 2014.
Funded by the Department of Justice, the initiative’s advisory working group met twice in July to discuss the project’s main goal: to improve the ability of law enforcement officers in the field to recognize and respond to child victims of prostitution.
The role of Leary and her colleagues serving on the advisory group is to:

  • Advise on effective methods for increasing identification and response to child victims of prostitution by law enforcement agencies of different types (rural, suburban, urban, tribal), size (small, mid-sized, large), and varying levels and types of available resources
  • Provide review of the tools and resources under development
  • Provide advice on best methods to increase the use of the tools and resources in the field
  • Champion law enforcement’s role in identifying and responding to child victims of prostitution

    In addition to her normal teaching duties, Professor Leary also serves as director of the experiential curriculum for the Columbus School of Law.