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Pictured with Professor David Lipton (top row center), the fully employed Class of 2013
graduates of the Securities Law Certificate Program include Patricia Bruns, Stephen Clifford, 
Peter Fise, Richard Fox, Brendan Koeth, Michael Proctor, Emily Rubino, and Samuel Thomas.


Batting 1,000 - All 2013 Securities Law  Program Certificate Graduates Have Landed Jobs


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For the third year in a row, all of the graduates of Catholic University’s Securities Law Certificate Program are employed in fulltime legal positions within about four months of graduation. The final program alumnus from 2013 recently received and accepted a job offer with a well-known national law firm. All eight certificate recipients are now working fulltime in their chosen field. Seven of the positions involve securities law, while one job is in white collar crime litigation.
The Securities Law Program’s spotless record in placing its May certificate graduates quickly into career track jobs marks the fifth year in a row that all of its certificate graduates found employment prior to the following winter, and the third year in a row that all found employment by the summer’s end.
“I will not pretend that the training our students get does not play an important role in our employment achievements,” commented Professor David Lipton, founder and director of the Securities Law Program at the Columbus School of Law. “But once again, I believe that the dedication of our adjunct instructors (present and past) in finding interviews, as well as the efforts of our alumni, has made our record of employment so outstanding, particularly in this market.”
Lipton complimented his former students’ motivation, commitment, and aggressive game plans as they searched for the right opening.  
This year’s eight-for-eight job record drew admiring comments from colleagues, such as Professor Lou Barracato, who responded to the positive employment news:
“It is a record of achievement that belies the current market and shows us that faculty members can make a difference. Congratulations.”
Offers accepted by the 2013 graduates of the Securities Law Certificate Program came from the public and private sector, including: the National Futures Association, New York City; Alston and Bird, Washington, D.C; Department of Justice, Office of the U.S. Trustees, New York City; Dow Lohnes PLLC, Washington, D.C; Sidley Austin LLP, Washington, D.C; Bingham, Washington, D.C; FINRA, Rockville, Maryland, and Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC, Cincinnati, OH.