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Professor Sarah Duggin, co-director, Law and Public Policy Program, with Kimberly Humphrey.

Certified Ready: Institute and Special Program
Students are Recognized for Their Expertise

Fifty-two Catholic University law school students were honored on May 24 for their successful completion of course concentrations that stamp them as especially qualified to practice within their chosen area of interest.

The annual Institutes and Special Programs Certificate Ceremony, held as usual one day prior to the law school’s general commencement, invited the hard-working students and their families, as well as the faculty directors of their programs, to acknowledge their good work.
“Employers are lucky to get your sons and daughters, who’ve devoted the time and effort to obtain an even higher degree of legal expertise in the areas of Jurisprudence, Law and Public Policy, Communications Law, Comparative and International Law, and Securities Law,” said Professor George Garvey, associate dean for academic affairs, filling in for Dean Veryl Miles.
He continued “These are some of the most dynamic practice areas going today. Our students are well positioned to launch into stimulating careers that will reward them for decades to come.”
Dean Garvey also highlighted some of the lectures, symposia, and legal programs produced by the Institutes and Special Programs over the just-completed academic year.
In turn, each director of the five Institutes and Special Programs then spoke glowingly of their students, starting with Professor Donna Coleman Gregg, director of the Institute for Communications Law Studies.
"They will go into the field of communications law and start making contributions immediately," she predicted.

Professor Rett Ludwikowski, director of the Comparative and International Law Institute, was in Poland, so faculty colleague Professor Ralph Rohner stood in for him.
"What would Rett say? Mostly, he would express his pride in these students and what they have accomplished," Rohner observed.  
Pride and passion were major themes during the afternoon. Five of the seven certificate recipients of the Securities Law Program already have post-graduate employment lined up, and interviews are in the works for the other two. That, said program director Professor David Lipton, is a testament to an involved and proactive alumni base, as well as to students whose love for their subject shines through.
"Our students have passion for securities law, passion for their families and passion for their communities," said Lipton. "Our alumni can help them get interviews and they do. They care about your sons and daughters."
Graduates of the Law and Public Policy Program must complete major papers as a requirement for graduation. Professor Sarah Duggin, who co-directs the program along with Professor Mary Leary, took a few minutes to describe each student's project in some detail. One student, for example, analyzed what she called the "school-to-prison pipeline" path followed by too many underprivileged students in Washington, D.C.
"We're in a world of uncertainty. It's a tempting time to say, 'how do I protect myself'?" said Duggin. But no one in the Law and Public Policy Program has done that. You've turned to the world. We need you," she concluded. 
Following the ceremony, the certificate students and their families celebrated with a reception.  



Institute for Communications Law Studies
David John Baker
Noah Kai Cherry
Jessica Cassey Elder
Ian Michael Forbes
Wesley T. Gee
Kelsey Jo Guyselman
Ellen Biltz LaPlante
Patrick Denis O’Brien (degree conferred Jan. 2012)
Eric Estimo Pico
Alexander Blake Reynolds
Kevin Lee Smith
Lauren Ashley Torggler

Comparative and International Law Institute
Katrina Joan Budnick
Lauren Whitney Clarke
Laura Ann Crawford
Sarah E. Fay
Jessica M. Forton
Khaliunaa Garamgaibaatar
Lydia B. Humphries
Andrea Maureen Cole Lawson
David Rocco Marzilli
Nikola Nikolov
Leah Quaile
Grace Elizabeth Rodden
Nicole M. Ruzinski
Andrea Blonder Shuford
Cara Michelle Swan
Jessica Suzanne Sweeney
Alexandra E. Theroux
Christina Nesarany Williams
Stefania P. Yanachkov
Anqi Yang


Securities Law Program
Patrick Dillon Bloomstine
Christopher S. Curran
Michelle Lynn Curth
Kevin Link
Alexandra Dawn Lizarraga
Justin Reza Nazari
Robert J. Rhatigan
Nikola Nikolov — Concentration

Law and Public Policy Program
Brian James Bennett
Katherine Mary Giblin
Scott Zachary Goldschmidt
Kimberly R. Humphrey
Catherine Denise Jones
Jessica Elena Missios
Emily Suzanne Moore
Jessica Tran Nguyen
Robert Allen Rhinesmith III
Camille Senne
Hee Jung Linda Shim
Wendy J. Stearns


Program of Studies in Jurisprudence
Craig Daniel Gaver