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Professor Sarah Duggin Addresses Freshman Convocation


Young college students today have countless ways to receive stories, by television, the Internet and various forms of social media, to name but a few.
On Sept. 12, Catholic University law school Professor Sarah Duggin reminded them that it’s even more important to create stories, starting with your own.
Duggin was the featured speaker at the Class of 2016 Convocation, an annual Catholic University event that formally receives first-year students into the academic community and invites them to join in the shared pursuit of truth.
Speaking to the entire freshman class in the Great Upper Church of Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the law professor and ordained Episcopal priest discussed the power of stories and story-telling among human beings of all cultures and races.  
Stories, said Duggin, are essential to our identity.
“You’ve always had a story, but, until now, your parents and family have been your directors, producers, publicists and editors. As you begin your college career, you are at an amazing point in your lives. Your story is yours to shape in whole new ways,” said Duggin.

“Your teachers and coaches will set rules you need to follow, but each one of you is living your own unique story right here and right now. You’re the star, and it’s 3-D, living color, multi-media, full surround sound production,” she continued.   
In creating their own life stories, Duggin urged the freshman class members to remember that they are spirit as well as flesh, an understanding that will make their lives infinitely richer.
Students also heard from Catholic University President John Garvey, Provost James Brennan, and others.