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Dean George Garvey's Internet Lecture Featured in October


Catholic University law school Acting Dean George E. Garvey is the featured presenter during the month of October for the Catholic Internet Television Network (CITVN).
His webcast lecture, “The Theory of the Firm, Managerial Responsibility, and Catholic Social Teaching,” is prominently displayed on the network’s homepage.
The Catholic Internet Television Network has 46,894 online subscribers, including Catholic college professors, K-12 schoolteachers, religious clergy, nonprofit directors, and social and cultural leaders in 110 countries.
Supported by skillfully crafted charts and graphics, the dean’s broad-ranging lecture touched upon subjects including The Theory of the Firm, Control of Property, the Common Good, and the Church Critique of Capitalism.
CITVN’s Stephen DeVol, who requested the taping of the lecture, said “This is a most remarkable presentation, the very best I have ever encountered on the subject matter. I can count at least four social encyclicals skillfully woven into the narrative. It should be required reading (and perhaps now required viewing) by every Catholic business leader, college and high school classroom in the country.”