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Alumni Gather for Swearing-In to Bar of the United States Supreme Court


Twenty graduates of Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law were formally sworn in as members of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States on Nov. 13, 2012.
With guests and loved ones looking on, including law school Acting Dean George Garvey and Catholic University’s President John Garvey, the group raised hands and recited the oath intoned by Chief Justice John Roberts.
The brief ceremony was followed by a tour of the nation’s highest court, and later, a luncheon hosted by the law school.
Some alumni traveled a long way to participate. Adam W. Cook, 2006, arrived from Anchorage, Alaska, along with his father, William. Mariano S. Morales, 1988, flew in from Yakima, Washington. Other guests came from Florida, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.
Senator Martin E. Connor, who has served in the New York State legislature for decades, was sworn in to the Supreme Court bar 42 years after his graduation in 1970. Matthew and Melissa Shea, married alumni from the Class of 1993, also attended the ceremony at the court. Class years represented stretched from 1970 to 2008.
To apply for admission to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, a candidate must be a member in good standing of a state bar for at least three years, and be endorsed by two current members of the Supreme Court bar.
2012 CUA Law Supreme Court Bar Members
Cathy L. Burgess, Esquire, 1988                              
The Hon. Martin E. Connor, 1970                    
Jennifer M. Connor, Esquire, 2002                           
Adam W. Cook, Esquire, 2006
William D. Cook, Esquire
Nathan R. Fennessy, Esquire, 2007                           
Morgan A. Goulet, Esquire, 2005                              
Gina Clark Hayes, Esquire, 1993                               
William F. Jarrett Jr., Esquire, 2004                          
Tamika Dawn Jones, Esquire, 2008                           
Christina Langlois, Esquire, 2007                              
Richard J. Mitchell, Esquire, 2007                             
Mariano S. Morales, Esquire, 1988                            
Rhona L. Pavis, Esquire, 1975                       
Thomas Broughton Rogers, Esquire, 2005                
Davina Sashkin, Esquire, 2007                                  
Liesel Schopler, Esquire, 2007                                   
Matthew J. Shea, Esquire, 1993                                
Melissa Mason Shea, Esquire, 1993                           
Sarah Trott De Seve, Esquire, 2002