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Facilities in Rome

Classroom Facilities

Classes for the International Human Rights Summer Law Program in Rome will be held on the campus of the Pontifical Lateran University (“PUL”), located in the Lateran neighborhood of Rome within the borders of Vatican City and adjacent to the Basilica of St. John Lateran, the Cathedral of Rome. The history of PUL dates back to 1773. In 1853, PUL’s faculties of both Civil Law and Canon Law were established by Pope Pius IX, and in 1959 PUL was granted its current status as a Pontifical University.

The website for PUL, including complete information about PUL’s history and photographs of its campus, is  The street address is Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, 4, 00120 Citta del Vaticano.

We have leased our classroom and office in a large, modern building with a comfortable, Wi-Fi equipped classroom. In the same building, there is a faculty office for our program, where faculty have computer access and space to meet with students. Students will enjoy the use of PUL’s Pius IX Library, a modern library with 7 floors, reading rooms, and computer workstations, as well as wireless access. This beautiful library – winner of Italy’s 2009 “Intervention for New Construction” architecture award – will be available to students from early morning through early evening, offering a place to study before, between and after classes.

In the same building as our classroom and the library, students and faculty in the program will also be able to take advantage of the PUL cafeteria, coffee bar, and chapel. The cafeteria and coffee bar offer reasonably-priced options for students to have a quick meal at lunchtime, an informal meeting with faculty, or a coffee break.

Housing Options
Students participating in the Rome program have the option of signing up for CUA-arranged housing or securing their own housing.
A) CUA Arranged Housing
Rome is an expensive city in which it might be difficult to secure affordable housing for the duration of the Program. Thus, we have arranged two options for students who seek the convenience of having their housing arranged by the program staff. As the number of students who can be accommodated in each location is limited, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible what your housing preference is.   Housing preferences will be honored in the order in which we have received BOTH your Program deposit and your housing reservation.   
When we sought housing options, we sought affordability as well as access to Wi-Fi (a feature much appreciated by students, but not routine in all Roman accommodations.)  
Please note that University policy prohibits consumption of alcohol at CUA-arranged accommodations.
For 2014, the two options for CUA-arranged housing are as follows:
1) Covitto St. Thomas Aquinas: This is a religious dormitory run by the Dominican order for students, primarily clergy, who are students at Collegio di San Tommaso d’Aquino ("The Angelicum") in the Monti neighborhood of Rome. The street address is Via degli Ibernesi, 20, 00184 Roma.   Because this is a religious house, the rooms are quite modest, as you can see from the attached photograph:
The rooms that are doubles have their own baths in the suite.   There is also a limited number of single rooms that are available for men, as they have a shared hallway bath.   A simple breakfast is included in the cost of the accommodations, and on-site washers and dryers are available for your use for 1 euro.   There is a dining hall, lounge, Wi-Fi access, and a terrace at the Convitto. All residents are asked to observe quiet in the evenings between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. out of respect for the residents (including you!) who are doing school work and preparing for examinations. Due to the age of the building, it is not air conditioned.   The Covitto is located between via Nazionale and accessible to the Metro stations at Cavour and Termini.   There are buses that run from the Monti neighborhood to our classes at Lateran University or, on nice days, the walk is a 30 minute leisurely stroll through an interesting part of Rome.   The cost of this option is 775 euro or approximately $1,046 at an estimated exhange rate of 1.35.
2) Bed and Breakfast "Double B": This is a simple bed and breakfast accommodation in the Esquillino neighborhood near the Manzoni Metro station and a 10 minute walk to Lateran University.   Recently renovated, it has a common area and a breakfast room for your use. All accommodations here are double rooms with an in suite bath.    A simple breakfast is included in the fee, as is air conditioning and wi-fi access. The street address is Via Vittorio Amedeo II 22, 00185 Roma. You may find photographs and additional information about this option at   Because the accommodations are less basic, the cost of this accommodation is higher than that at Convitto. The charge is 885 euro, or approximately $1,195 at an estimated exchange rate of 1.35.
B) Independent Housing Arrangements
Students are permitted to seek their own housing if they wish.  This may be an option, in particular,  for students who are already familiar with Rome or who wish to split the cost of  more spacious accommodations  with classmates attending the program. Likewise, if you will have family members with you while in Rome, this is an option to pursue as the CUA-arranged housing is only for students enrolled in the Program.   If several students pool their resources, a shared housing accommodation might be cost effective.    Bear in mind that accommodations in Rome are expensive, and you should not assume that air conditioning, elevators or Wi-Fi access are standard features. Students who opt to seek their own housing assume all responsibility for those arrangements, and should seek accommodations convenient to the Lateran neighborhood as this will be the center of the program's activity. There is a "Red Line" (Metro Linea A) stop, San Giovanni Laterano, near campus.   Before entering into any housing agreements, be sure that you understand the amenities, costs, and refundability of deposits and other payments should you change your plans.

With respect to housing choices, we will honor your preferences in the order in which we receive your deposit and room reservation agreement.  However, as you make your plans, you are also welcome to make your own housing arrangements.  As you know, we were seeking to find very low cost accommodations for students participating in the program.   However, we have found that there are students who seek greater luxury, more privacy, or the flexibility to have family and friends visit them while in Rome.   (In the past, we have also found that there are students who paired up with another program participant and secured housing independently at an economical rate if they shared the cost.)   If you seek your own accommodations, I am attaching a list of places that are located relatively close to Lateran University where will be having our classes.  I hope that may be of help to you.  Please keep in mind, however, that if you secure your own accommodations you are fully responsible for them so please be sure that you fully understand the rates, refund policy (should your plans change) and the location/nature of the accommodations.    Several students who went to Rome last year and secured their own housing are willing to discuss various options with you.  Please contact Constantia Dedoulis ( if you would like their contact information.

> I hope this may be helpful


The classroom building at PUL is an elevator building that is wheelchair accessible. Please note, however, that Rome is an ancient city that is not consistently wheelchair-accessible.  Unfortunately, Rome’s public transportation system is also not consistently wheelchair accessible. If you have questions about accessibility, please contact or contact Ms. Constantia Dedoulis at (202) 319-6081 or The two CUA-arranged housing options are not wheelchair accessible. However, we are happy to assist applicants in securing accesible accommodations upon request and with advanced notice.  Please contact is as soon as possible for assistance in locating accessible accomodations.