The Catholic University of America

1) Facilitate guest lectures and related presentations on pertinent issues.


2) Organize community service activities in line with the organization’s mission.  Each year, the CUA Innocence Project develops an initiative to advance its goals.  Last year we ran a penny war to raise funds for the CUA- Haiti Initiative.  Prior years, we held a book drive, cosponsored by the Criminal Law Society, to collect materials to send to prisons. The response was so large that we had too many books that the prisons would not accept so we are welcome to hear suggestions for other activities that relate to the CUA Innocence Project.

The student group will also be asked to participate in volunteer days to assist the clinic at CUA with various tasks. These days will be limited but will give each student an idea of what work is being done in the clinic. Each student’s involvement will be recorded and will assist in the application process for the conference and or the clinic next year.

We will announce shortly what community service efforts we will be participating in this year!


3) Ensure CUA presence at the annual Innocence Network conference.