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Greetings, October 26, 2006
I would like to thank the wonderful faculty and
staff of the Columbus School of Law for helping BLSA begin the year on the right note.
Thus far we have had very successful programming and we hope to continue the trend throughout the year.
Prof. Woods began the year by reminding BLSA why and how our legal education enhances not only ourselves, but also our community. He followed that up with an enlightening Blue Booking seminar. Next, Prof. Hartley showed us how to successfully prepare for exams. That program talked about templating and how it can be used to prepare an outline. Coming in November, Prof. Skillman will show us how to answer an exam question.
BLSA is committed to the excellence of not only its members, but that of the entire law school. If BLSA can be of service to you, please email us at or
Erica M. White
President 2006-2007

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