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Jacquisha Cardwell
Jacquisha Cardwell

My caseload this summer was incredibly diverse -- from tax to bankruptcy and from small claims court to child support. I was truly able to work on cases in most of the clinic’s practice areas. I also appreciated the opportunity to work with most of the supervisors in the clinic.  I learned a great deal from the varying experience and being thrown out of my comfort zone by going into tax and bankruptcy was an awesome learning experience. 

As a student enrolled in the clinic during a previous semester, I had worked with a partner on a child support case.  During the semester, we had the opportunity to go to court only once when we filed a complaint with the Small Claims Division.  This summer I worked on my own and had multiple cases with various areas of the clinic.  Although I appreciated having a partner in the fall when I was enrolled as a student, I really enjoyed the independence I had during the summer.  I also appreciated the opportunity to work on other projects for the clinic which included a Domestic Violence/Consumer Protection Project screening tool.  My work included increased exposure to client relations. The rapport and trust that I was able to develop with clients grew significantly.

Like an associate at any firm, I did handle a lot of research and writing components as a part of my work and I was able to accompany a supervising attorney to Court.   However, unlike the limitations of some summer internships, CCLS looked to me to take ownership of my cases and this responsibility empowered me to approach each case as more than a research assignment, but as my own client matter for which I was responsible.

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