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Creadell Webb
Creadell Webb

Working at Columbus Community Legal Services (CCLS) has been my most rewarding law school experience to date. I enrolled in the Consumer Protection Clinic looking to gain practical experience and assist clients with legal matters. I came into the clinic last year with a strong interest in consumer protection and antitrust law. However, I did not have any experience in the field so I was not certain if I would enjoy the work. Having been onboard for a year, I have come to enjoy all of the work that I do. I decided to continue with the clinic over the summer in order to assist my clients and gain more experience.

Interning at CCLS this summer has been a phenomenal experience. I managed over ten cases and met with clients regularly. The summer internship is different from working in the clinic during the school year mainly because students are working full-time. This experience was tantamount to working at a law firm and managing a real caseload. I have been able to close cases and help people get results. I have assisted clients on a number of consumer-related issues such as bankruptcy, mortgage fraud, and debt negotiation. 

Managing so many cases has helped me develop excellent time management skills. I use a physical calendar and set reminders on my phone to keep up with important dates and meetings. Overall, my clients have been a pleasure to work with and I enjoyed gaining their trust and helping them resolve their problems.

In my opinion, a good lawyer needs to be a great listener, competent, attentive, assertive, compassionate, and approachable. The clinic has been instrumental in helping me develop these characteristics. I look forward to continuing with CCLS in the fall.


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