CCLS Annual Report

CCLS Newsletter

A Sampling of Issues Researched and Analyzed
by CCLS Class of 2013 Graduates

What are the tax implications of a loan

Whether a single act of self-defense in response to a violent attack from a respondent in a civil protection order (CPO) case is a valid ground for granting a mutual CPO

What are the steps for serving an
incarcerated respondent

Whether a judge must recuse himself in a child custody case if the same judge presided over a prior termination of parental rights case where the party’s parental rights were terminated

How to collect on a foreign judgment

How to subpoena a steelworkers’ union to obtain employment information about a respondent

Whether occasional text messages and phone calls, absent other threats, constitute intrafamily offenses and provide a sufficient basis for a civil protection order

How to authenticate and introduce evidence of Facebook posts and voice mail messages made by the defendant against the defendant in a custody trial

How to subpoena and serve an out-of-state
third party in an ongoing child support case to discover a non-custodial parent’s employer

What constitutes evidence of extreme cruelty and a good faith marriage for a battered spouse waiver application

What are the professional and ethical
obligations when communicating with a
client via a translator

Whether there are alternatives for reinstating
a permanent child support order where the
noncustodial parent is voluntarily unemployed

What constitutes sufficient grounds to terminate representation and what are the duties still owed to the client after representation is terminated

How to calculate the rent abatement amount for various substandard housing conditions

Does allowing a third party social worker to sit in on client meetings in order to help a client who has mental health problems clarify details about the client’s legal issues waive the
attorney-client privilege

What are the guardianship standards for mentally and physically incapacitated adult children and how can a mother of an adult child prove the requirements to the court and obtain guardianship

What is the impact of Social Security Disability Insurance derivative benefits on child support

Whether a respondent can be adequately served via Facebook

Whether a respondent can challenge a paternity judgment through a motion to vacate judgment for lack of proper service

Whether a testator may allocate liability for her debts to one beneficiary rather than paying debts prior to distribution when there are few liquid assets in the estate

Whether, and in what circumstances, may one sue the managing agent for a condominium building in addition to the principal owner

Whether a person has a cause of action against an insurance provider who had overbilled the person for many years and then refused to pay the face value of the policy or refund the

When is a vehicle considered dangerous and abandoned by the DC Department of Public Works and what are the remedies when a vehicle has been improperly towed and auctioned

Whether, and under what circumstances, owners of a former limited liability company can be held personally liable for damages in a lawsuit

Whether a tax refund not yet received by the
individual filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy constitutes part of the bankruptcy estate under the Bankruptcy Code, and if so, whether any additional exceptions may be used to keep the refund out of the bankruptcy estate

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