CCLS Annual Report

CCLS Class of 2013 Graduates

Michelle Deba Arling, B.A.
Jamie Bence, B.A.
Rebecca Borges, B.S.
Marissa A. Boyce, B.A.
Joshua Nathan Breen, B.S.
Adrienne Lyon Buenavista, B.S., M.Arch.
David Thayer Burr, B.S.
Paul M. Butler, B.A.
Michelle Barbara Cappuccio, B.A.
Meghan Christine Casey, B.A.
Carolyn Cheung, LL.B.
Mi Y. Cho, B.S.
Amy Marie Christel, B.E.
William C. Corcoran III, B.A.
John Thomas Danise, B.A.
Elizabeth Melia Dewar, A.B.
Katherine Murchison Diefenbach, B.A.
Andrea Culebras Drumm, B.A.
Derry Elizabeth Earle, B.A.
Elnaz Emami, B.A.
Adriana F. Estevez, B.A.
Shai Fierst, B.A.
Justin Dale Gettler, B.A.S.
Leslie Allison Gibbons, B.A.
Nicole Marie Given, B.A.
Paul Louprette Gleason, B.A.
Merritt Anne Groeschel, B.A., M.A.
Parul Hemanth Gupta, B.S.
Veronica L. Harsley-Dean, B.A.
Katherine Corley Hill, A.B.
Daniel Aaron Hollander, B.A.
Mallory Johnson, B.A.
Kimberly Elizabeth Jones, B.A.
Joseph C. Kano, B.A.
JoAnna Courtney Kelly, B.A.
Leif Pion Klockner, B.A.
Gerald Thomas Koinis, B.A.
Samuel Jacob Kronthal, B.A.
Iryna Kurbatava, B.A., B.S.
Hyuk Kwon, B.B.A.
Elisabeth Stacy Lawrence, B.A.
Tonye’ Johnbull Lofton, B.S.
Stephanie Ann Martin, B.A.
Lindsey Marie Melody, B.A.
AnneRose Jose Menachery, B.A.
Vanna Rae Milligan, B.A.
Luke Roche Moses, B.A.
Keith Andre Mosley II, B.S.
Ashley Anne Norton, B.A.
Valerie Barbara Norton, B.A.
Nana Alice Nyarko, B.S.
Paul A. O’Brien III, B.A.
Reuben J. Oswald, B.A.
Braegan Conway Padley, B.A.

Charise Anne Pastor, B.A.
Joseph Carl Pekich, B.S.
Paul Robert Judah Peterson, B.A., M.Phil
Luis Alfredo Prieto, B.A.
Kai Rajan, B.S.
Adrian Reeves Raley, B.A.
Scott Francis Rissmiller, B.A.
Jane Libert Rodgers, B.A.
Andrew J. Rudolphi, B.A.
Lowell J. Rudorfer, B.A.
Dennis J. Ryan Jr., B.A.
Zulaikha Safi, B.A.
Abigail B. Scott, B.A.
Iqra Yousaf Sheikh, B.A.
Jasmine Kaur Shergill, B.B.A.
Joshua T. Slade, B.A.
Jenifer R. Stach, B.B.A.
Zachary A. Swartz, B.S.
Madeline Nita Taylor Diaz, B.A.
Kei Shionoiri Tolliver, B.A.
Jacqueline C. Walters, B.A., M.A.
Bradley Stephen Watson, B.A.
Caitlin Elizabeth Wilson, B.A.
Ann Masae Yanagihara, B.A.
Rebecca Lee Zimmerman, B.A

Clinical Legal Education Association
Outstanding Student Award 2013 – Leslie Gibbons

Leslie Gibbons
Leslie Gibbons is a 2013 recipient of the Clinical Legal Education Association Outstanding Student Award. The award is given each year to one student from each nominating law school and it is based upon nominations by clinical faculty in recognition of law students who have demonstrated excellence in clinical fieldwork.

Leslie, a North Carolina native, first enrolled in the CCLS Families in the Law Clinic in the fall of 2011 and she remained in the clinic through the spring 2013 semester. While in the clinic, Leslie’s case work and accomplishments include a negotiated settlement in a challenging domestic relations case and successfully defending a clinic client in a civil suit filed by her ex-husband. Leslie also provided invaluable assistance in the initial screening and scheduling of persons for the VITA clinic. After graduation and sitting for the North Carolina bar, Leslie will serve a one year term as a judicial clerk in Maryland.

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