CCLS Annual Report

CCLS Class of 2012 Graduates

Caroline Louise Adams
William Powell Anglin
Emily Charlotte Bachman
Stephen Michael Begg
Kelley Christian Bevis
Chanelle Aurora Blackie
Emma Alicia Bramble
Erin Catherine Carter Burud
Richard Denton Caldwell
Brian Raymond Caron
Timothy Weldon Casula
Matthew Robert Chevedden
Susan M. Cirilli
Whitney Danielle Dachelet
Christopher Joseph David
Eric Julien DeBear
Michelle Marie Desperes
Crystal Lee Fletcher
Richa Yarlagadda Fortuna
Mary Cecilia Kelly Franceski
Alexandria Soleil Fujisaki
David Charles Fulleborn
Khaliunaa Garamgaibaatar
Aaron Phillip Glaser
Philo Daniel Hall
Sunhee Happ
Melissa Ann Hendricks
Joseph R. Hennell
Antonio Jose Hernandez
Thomas Blair Heywood
Kimberly R. Humphrey
Caroline Elizabeth Johnson
Catherine Denise Jones
Sarah Elizabeth Jones
Bridget Kathleen Kerlick
Megan Ann Koster
Heather Renee Kriscenski
Jeanah D. Lacey
Julie Ann Meeks
Emily Suzanne Moore
Mikael S. Neville
Jessica Tran Nguyen
Annie Melissa Noble
Bethan Noonan
Stephanie Helen Novelli
Annie Mahoney O’Brien
Christine Marie Perez
Jennifer Robyn Pollack
Keiko Nicole Purnell
Leah Quaile
Emily Anne Quinlan
Sarah Umbreen Qureshi
Meena Aharam Rajan
Adrian Reeves Raley
Marianne Angelica Reyes
Brandon Gregory Romanchok
Anne Elizabeth Rosenthal
Mary Margaret Rummery
Aubrey Sabrina Rupinta
Amanda Jayne Sams
Emily Elaine Shearer
Andrea Blonder Shuford
Edward Field Simon
Carroll Anne Skehan
Katherine Anne Boshinski Sparks
Wendy J. Stearns
Cara Michelle Swan
Hilary Frances Temme
Sarah Nicole Theodore
Alexandra E. Theroux
Holly Lee Tompkins
Michelle Lynn Tucker
Kathleen Elizabeth Ugalde
Julya Erica Vekstein
Catherine M. Wallace
Christopher L. Young
Sara Zabihi

Clinical Legal Education Association
Outstanding Student Award 2012 – Leah Quaile

Leah Quaile
As part of the 2012 commencement activities, graduating student Leah Quaile was recognized with an Outstanding Student Award from the Clinical Legal Education Association. As nominated by clinical faculty, award recipients have demonstrated excellence in clinical fieldwork based on the high quality of representation provided clients and exceptionally thoughtful, self-reflective participation in an accompanying clinical seminar. Leah Quaile’s talent and passion for her work made her a critical asset to CCLS and our clients. Leah’s unwavering dedication to her clients motivated her to log countless hours of work for their cases. Leah also served as a mentor and role model for other students working on immigration and systemic advocacy projects. Over the course of her four semesters with the clinic, Leah was a consistent resource to her student colleagues - providing guidance on complex legal concepts and administrative procedures.

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