The Catholic University of America

Juris Doctor (J.D) degree:

  • Earn at least 84 credits.
    • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.15 and a semester GPA of 1.82 (students admitted prior to Fall 2011) 
    • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.25 and a semester GPA of 1.82 (students admitted Fall 2011 and subsequently) 
  • Successfully complete the following first and second year courses:
    • Civil Procedure
    • Constitutional Law I*
    • Constitutional Law II*
    • Contracts
    • Criminal Law
    • Lawyering Skills I
    • Lawyering Skills II
    • Property
    • Torts

*Students who began the program prior to the Fall 2013 semester completed the Constitutional Law requirement through one 5 credit Constitutional Law course.

  • Satisfactorily complete the upper-division writing requirement:
    • One "Practice-Oriented" writing course and One "Academic/Scholarly" writing course, or two "Practice-Oriented writing courses.
      • Practice-Oriented writing courses include:
        • Appellate Advocacy
        • Legal Drafting
        • Applied Portfolio course
        • Vis International Arbitration competition
      • Academic/Scholarly writing courses include:
        • Law Journal Writing
        • Directed Research (with Academic Legal Writing seminar)
        • Qualifying Course Paper (with Academic Legal Writing seminar)
        • Advanced Legal Research & Writing
  • Satisfactorily complete a Professional Skills course.
  • Satisfactorily complete the Professional Responsibility course.
  • Satisfactorily complete the "Transition to Practice" requirement (for students admitted Fall 2013 and subsequently) 
  • Meet the minimum residency requirement.
    • Equivalent of 6 full-time semesters for full-time (day) students.
    • Equivalent of 8 part-time semesters for part-time (evening) students.
  • View 6 honor/ethics lectures.


LL.M (Domestic Program) degree:

  • Earn at least 24 credits hours while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.15.
  • Complete at least 16 credits hours in courses directly related to the concentration area.
  • Satisfactorily complete one course with a writing component as part of its coursework.
  • Prior to commencing study, complete a written academic plan under the supervision of the faculty adviser.


LL.M (International Program with Jagiellonian University) degree:

  • Earn at least 22 credit hours.
  • Complete at least 6 credits in three courses taken within the Interational Business and Trade Law Program offered by CUA in Cracow.
  • Complete at least 9 credits in the American Law Program at Jagiellonian University in Cracow.
  • Complete 6 or 7 credits during a two-month stay in Washington, D.C.


M.L.S. degree:

  • Earn at least 26 credit hours.
  • Satisfactorily complete Introduction to American Law and Legal Methods.
  • Satisfactorily complete a final project.