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Course Web Pages (TWEN)


Course Web Pages
If you would like to create a course web page for some or all of your classes, the primary option available to you is TWEN (The West Education Network).
Using TWEN to assemble course materials offers several advantages:
• Ability to post your course syllabus and readings electronically.
• Ability to seamlessly link to the full-text of cases and law review articles available on the Westlaw system. No copyright clearance is required.
• Automatic links to pertinent CALI lessons are available.
• Interactive discussion forums can be established.
• Provides ease of notification to students about course changes, additional readings, class cancellations, etc.
• Online quizzes can be created.
TWEN is made available as part of the law school’s Westlaw system. It has a proven track record and is the system currently used by a majority of CUA Law faculty. You will need a Westlaw password to access this system.  A Faculty guide to TWEN is available at
Print copies of the guide are also available at the reference desk in the library.



For more information on TWEN or for assistance with creating a web page for your course, contact your library liaison or call the library reference staff at (202) 319-6284.