The Catholic University of America

AV - Hotline
AV - Media
Access Services 202-319-5156
Interlibrary Loan 202-319-4458
Reference 202-319-6284
Collection Services 202-319-5547
Edinger, Elizabeth 202-319-5228 Email

Black, Emily 202-319-6253 Email  
Reference Librarian
Brillantine, Frances 202-319-4331 Email  
Head of Access Services
Davidson, Len 202-319-6206 Email  
Systems Librarian
Edinger, Elizabeth 202-319-5228 Email  
Hanrahan, Jeanne 202-319-6250 Email  
Acquisitions Assistant
Lombardo, Dominick 202-319-4180 Email  
Gov. Docs Assistant
Luce, David 202-319-6294 Email  
Audiovisual Coordinator
Margeton, Stephen G.   Email  
Professor Emeritus
Nolan, Savanna 202-319-6238 Email  
Digital Services Assistant (GLP)
Sobol, Dawn 202-319-4458 Email  
ILL/Circulation Librarian
Stack, Greg 202-319-6254 Email  
Director of Media Services
Strouse, Mary 202-319-5547 Email  
Assoc. Director & Head of Collection Services
Young, Steve 202-319-6252 Email  
Senior Reference Librarian


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