The Catholic University of America

General Information



Each floor of the library has a photocopy room for patron use. The photocopiers in these rooms are self-serve and use a card system. Cards are purchased at vending machines next to the photocopiers on floors 2 and 4. Copy cards are sold in increments of $1.00. The machines do not accept coins or give change. Eight copies are available for the first dollar (which includes the cost of the card itself), and ten copies are credited on the card for each dollar thereafter. The copy card is reusable; do not discard it.
Each patron of the library photocopying facilities is expected to make copies in accordance with prevailing federal copyright laws.

Laptop Use

Please turn off your laptop's sound feature while in the library. Carrels throughout the library are equipped with power outlets for laptop computer use. CUA Law Students can access the law school network at carrels on floors two and four.  Even-numbered library visitors' lockers have power outlets available for recharging laptops. 

Study Rooms

Six student group study rooms are located on floor four of the library. Any group of two or more CUA law students may reserve a group study room for up to three hours per group per day.  Use is restricted to CUA law students.

Carrel Policy

The Law Library does not assign study carrels to students.
  • The Law Library does not allow patrons to "claim" a spot in the library by leaving materials overnight on carrels or tables.
  • Materials left overnight are collected prior to opening each morning.
  • It is not safe to leave materials unattended in the library at any time.
  • The Law Library is not responsible for materials left unattended.


Notary Public

Frances M. Brillantine is a notary public for the District of Columbia. Notarial services are provided without charge to Catholic University law students and faculty and university staff and faculty.  Ask for Frances at the Circulation Desk.


Three public telephones, including a TDD phone, are available on the main floor (floor two) by the lockers just inside the entrance. Telephones at the circulation desk, reference desk and in library offices are for staff use only.


A few temporary-use visitors' lockers are available on the main floor (floor two) inside the library entrance. Even-numbered lockers have power outlets available for recharging laptop computers. Keys may be checked out from the circulation desk.

Lost & Found

The library lost and found is located at the front desk. Items of value are taken to the Guard Desk on the first floor of the building. Because of the large number of individuals using the library, we cannot be responsible for lost items. Do not leave personal articles unattended in the library.

Office Supplies

Staplers, paper cutters and hole punchers are available in the photocopy rooms. Please use this fragile equipment with care and report any problems to the Circulation Desk. Scissors, tape, paper clips and extra staples are available in the Reference Room.