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How to Subscribe to SSRN to Receive Topical Ejournals & Search the SSRN Databases

To Subscribe to SSRN to receive weekly e-mails under topics you select, and to be able to search in SSRN, first request Mary Strouse in the library ( to have your name put on the law school’s institutional account. She will notify SSRN which will send to you the following e-mail instructions.
Dear Professor ____________,
As a prepaid member of the Catholic University School of Law's LSN site license, you are entitled to subscribe to any of the LSN eJournals.  To take full advantage of your membership, we encourage you to review and subscribe to LSN Subject Matter eJournals, which are covered under the pre-paid plan, as well as any additional LSN eJournals which are of interest.
If you have an SSRN password, go to  and log on. You may go directly to your subscription page, where you may add to and otherwise edit your eJournal selections.  If you do not have a password, please use the instructions given below to register for a password and make your eJournal selections.  (There is also a FORGOT PASSWORD? button on the http page.)
SSRN's User Headquarters allows you to submit and manage your abstracts/papers in our system and to also manage your subscriptions. Registration is free, and registered users receive substantial benefits. Please follow the below instructions carefully:
2. Enter email address, select Submit
3. If a match is found select Email me this information. Your user ID and Password will be sent to you within several minutes.
4. Enter user ID and password and select Submit.
5. Select Subscriptions in the menu to the left.
6. Select the network(s) of your choice from those pre-paid choices.
7. Select Expand all to view the various journals you can choose from.
NOTE:  Once logged in, you can change your Password or User ID by clicking on the hotlinks located on the Welcome page.
Emily Taylor
Social Science Research Network