The Catholic University of America

Rules for Library Use & Visitor Guidelines


The following rules are intended to ensure that the Law Library retains a quiet, pleasant, and clean study environment. Abiding by these rules and regulations will also ensure that all material in the library is accessible. The full cooperation of all library users is required to achieve these goals.

  • Verbal or physical conduct that creates an intimidating or offensive work environment for other patrons or staff is not permitted. See CUA policies at
  • Verbal or physical conduct that interferes with a Law Library employee's ability to perform his/her job is not permitted.
  • Law Library computers and wireless network may not be used for viewing, sending or making available offensive or explicit materials. This includes materials which would tend to create a hostile environment.
  • Law Library computing resources may not be used for personal commercial purposes.
  • Silence should be maintained in the Law Library’s designated silent areas (on all 3 floors, the area after the restrooms on the side of the building that faces the Pryz).
  • Phone conversations are permitted only in the hallway between Circulation and Reference on the main floor of the Law Library.
  • Please silence your phones and laptops when you are in the Law Library.
  • The Law Library is not responsible for materials left unattended. Do not leave personal belongings unattended at any time. Personal belongings may not be kept on carrels or tables overnight.
  • Food is prohibited at all times. Beverages are permitted in closed containers only.
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco are prohibited at all times.
  • The staff of the library has taken steps to ensure that only Catholic University faculty, students, and other authorized users are admitted to the Law Library. The Law Library reserves the right to request identification from any person at any time.
  • Visitors to the Law Library must abide by the DuFour Law Library Visitor Visitor Guidelines.
  • The Law Library's privacy policy is here.