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The Intellectual Property Law Students Association (IPLSA) is a group of students, alumni, and faculty of the Columbus School of Law who share an interest in promoting the educational and professional development of students in the specialty of intellectual property law.  This includes traditional areas of intellectual property -- patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets – but also other related disciplines such as cyberlaw, entertainment law, and unfair trade practices.  IPLSA sponsors various events throughout the year where law students have the opportunity to meet and discuss principles of intellectual property law with practitioners, members of the judiciary, and representatives of governmental agencies, such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  In addition, in recent years IPLSA has sponsored events to provide students interested in intellectual property law with guidance and advice regarding course and career planning. 

2013-14 IPLSA Board Members


Vice President: 



Public Relations:

Albert Du

Ben Smith

Jennifer Lunn

Mary Patterson

Julie Borna

IPLSA Faculty Advisors

Susanna Fischer [email]

  • IP Courses: Art Law, Copyright Law

Elizabeth Winston [email]

  • IP Courses: Patent Law, Trademark & Unfair Competition

Megan La Belle [email]

  • IP Courses: Introduction to Intellectual Property, Advanced Patent Law


The IPLSA Board and Faculty Advisors communicate with members about events, job opportunities, and other information via the TWEN site, so please add “IPLSA” to your  TWEN courses.