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In 1890, William Callyhan Robinson, the founding dean of the law school at the Catholic University of America, proclaimed in his leading treatise on patent law, The Law of Patents, that the time had come for “the Law of Patents [to] be successfully treated as a department of jurisprudence.”  More than a century later, this long tradition of the study of intellectual property law continues to thrive here at Catholic.

Our Intellectual Property Law Program offers a diverse curriculum, including classes focusing on patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, international intellectual property, cyberlaw, art law, and entertainment law.  In these courses, students not only learn the legal principles governing intellectual property, but also will explore complex and fascinating ethical and moral questions posed by certain aspects of intellectual property law.  Our faculty members utilize innovative pedagogical methods that make the study of intellectual property law exciting and memorable for students.  For example, teaching is often taken beyond the walls of the law school so that our students benefit from our location in the nation's capital.     

Students will have a similarly rich and rewarding experience outside of the classroom. Catholic's Intellectual Property Law Program offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, as well as practical intellectual property experience through various externships in the Washington, D.C. area. With more than a dozen faculty members, a robust Intellectual Property Student Law Association, and distinguished alumni in the judiciary, government, and private practice, our program prepares and trains students to become both ethical and successful intellectual property lawyers.

In addition, the Intellectual Property Law Program at Catholic sponsors events throughout the year to provide the law school and the wider community opportunities to explore and discuss current topics and developments in intellectual property law.  As a Catholic law school, we are particularly interested in raising awareness in and facilitating discussion about the ethical aspects of intellectual property, and therefore we are committed to sponsoring events such as "The Ethical Ramifications of Therasense: Inequitable Conduct Before the Patent Office" and the "Ethical Issues in Patent Law" Symposium.  

Alumnus Robert Stoll Named Commissioner for Patents
Robert Stoll, JD '85, former USPTO Commissioner for Patents [center],
Suzanne Stoll JD '85, COO of the Raben Group [left],
and Former Dean Veryl Miles.

Further information about Catholic's Intellectual Property Program is available in our brochure, or you may contact us here.