The Catholic University of America

Left to right: Thierry Ghattas, Shirley Chim, Laura Dorey, Kristina Hernandez, Jessica Woods, Anna Bristle and Angela Kondowe are working under the direction of CUA law professor Karla Simon.

CUA Students Spearhead Pro Bono Project
for ABA Section of International Law

Catholic University law school students with a special interest in international human rights and not-for-profit organizations law are taking the lead in an effort to assist the International Law Section of the American Bar Association to write comments on recent laws affecting non-governmental organizations in Zambia and Iraq.

The CUA students are joined in the effort by fellow students and recent graduates from Cornell, DePaul, the University of Minnesota, South Texas College of Law, Stetson, and Temple.

The Zambian government has approved measures to regulate the operations of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the country, a move that has been unpopular with the civil society sector, which views the action as short-sighted, restrictive and not in the nation's best interest.

The comments that the students are working on will assist Zambia's civil society sector in developing sound legal positions to oppose it in court. The comments will also assist in the development of NGO law still forming in Iraq. The student volunteers will work with lawyers active in the ABA sectional committees on NPO/NGOs, Human Rights, and Africa.