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A Generous Semester by the Student Bar Association

The just-released Disney version of “A Christmas Carol” entertainingly recounts the timeless Dickens tale once again: nearing the end of his life, Ebenezer Scrooge finally realizes that his miserly ways and indifference to others not only hurts them, but diminishes himself most of all.
Scrooge’s trio of consciousness-raising spirits, the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future, could save their breath and skip right over the Columbus School of Law, where the Student Bar Association has demonstrated all semester long that it needs no coaching about the importance of generosity and commitment to the welfare of other people.    
A case in point: The just-completed Thanksgiving foods drive which brought in 1,640 food items and $730 in donations to the Capital Area Food Bank. The donated food and money was raised directly from the CUA law community and far exceeded the totals of the previous year. Food bank administrators estimate that the contributions will feed approximately 3,550 people.
“I think it says a whole lot about the generous character of our school and our capacity to remember those less fortunate when so many of you so willingly donated your time and money to helping others,” said Melissa Feldmeier, SBA community service chair and a member of the class of 2011.
This year, the SBA’s food bank drive was held in conjunction with the Intellectual Property Law Students Association. The event was also punctuated by an informal competition between classes over which one could bring in the most donations. The second year class prevailed narrowly over the first year class, according to Feldmeier.
The food bank drive was not the SBA’s only philanthropic enterprise this year. On Sept. 26, it sponsored the Race Judicata, a fund raiser for St Ann's Infant & Maternity Home located in nearby Hyattsville, Md. Administered by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, St Ann’s opened its doors to expectant mothers during the Civil War and continues today to provide health care, education and an atmosphere that helps to cement the bond between mother and child.
The Race Judicata participants paid $20 for an entry fee. Students, faculty, staff and even some runners from the surrounding neighborhood showed up. In the end, nearly $5,000 was raised and donated to St Ann’s.