The Catholic University of America

Service and Learning in Times of Disaster

Disasters, natural and man-made, can strike any community at any time.  For the most part, law schools are unprepared to respond to disasters, although law schools have abundant resources that can be brought to bear as part of a disaster response effort.  This website is part of an effort to create a national (international) law school disaster relief network to help law schools prepare to become legal first responders in the event of a disaster in their communities or beyond. 


Specifically, the website seeks to be a place where law schools can discuss the disaster response contributions made by law students and law school clinics with their concomitant opportunities for professional skills training, responding to client and community needs, and opportunities for community collaborations; and  to develop and share “best practices” for disaster preparedness and response by  law schools and  law school clinics in cooperation with legal services providers and social service relief organizations. Topics should include training for anticipated legal needs; creating a legal first responder corps; connecting with communities and community organizations.