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Faculty members at Catholic University's Columbus School of Law are dedicated to teaching, scholarship, and service. They are experts in their fields, and are regularly sought after as leading presenters and commentators. They get to know our students one-on-one, and they build life-long relationships with them. Not only do they provide a first-rate legal education, but just as importantly, they prepare our students for a lifetime of service.

Full-time Faculty

Daniel F. Attridge

Daniel F. Attridge, Dean
Trial and Appellate Litigation

Louis Barracato

Louis J. Barracato
Litigation Skills, Advocacy

Marshall Breger

Marshall J. Breger
  Administrative Law, Foreign Relations Law, Middle East Peace Process

Stacy Brustin

Stacy L. Brustin
Domestic Relations, Employment, and Public Benefits

Roger Colinvaux

Roger Colinvaux
Non-Profit Organizations, Federal Income Tax, Legislation


Robert Destro

Robert A. Destro
Freedom of Speech and Religion, Comparative Constitutional Law


Cara Drinan

Cara H. Drinan
Criminal Law, Constitutional Law

Sarah Duggin

Sarah Helene Duggin
Corporate Law, Constitutional Law, Law & Public Policy



Lisa Everhart

Lisa A. Everhart
Lawyering Skills, Legal Reasoning & Writing, Legal Drafting



Susanna Fischer

Susanna Frederick Fischer
Copyright Law, Art Law, Media Law, Cyberlaw, Constitutional Law

Clifford Fishman

Clifford S. Fishman
Evidence, Criminal Law and Procedure, Electronic Surveillance



George Garvey

George E. Garvey
Catholic Social Teaching and Law, Economic Regulation

John Garvey

John H. Garvey
Constitutional Law, Catholic Legal Education

Donna Gregg

Donna Coleman Gregg
Communications Law, Electronic Mass Media Policy and Regulation

A.G. Harmon

A.G. Harmon
Advanced Legal Research and Writing, Law Journal Writing and Editing


Roger Hartley

Roger C. Hartley
Labor Law, Labor Relations Law, Federal Courts

Regina Jefferson

Regina T. Jefferson
Individual  Taxation, Partnership Taxation,  ERISA pensions


Beverly Jennison

Beverly Petersen Jennison
Lawyering Skills, Legal Drafting, Legal Writing



Place holder

Kathryn Kelly
Civil Procedure, Torts, Complex Litigation


Catherine Klein

Catherine F. Klein
Clinical Legal Education, Family Law, Domestic Violence  


Paul Kurth

Paul Kurth
Consumer Protection, Bankruptcy, and Family Law

Megan Labelle

Megan M. La Belle
Intellectual Property, Civil Procedure, Federal Courts

Mary Leary

Mary G. Leary
Criminal Law and Procedure, Exploitation of Women and Children, Technology in Criminal Law



Lisa Lerman

Lisa G. Lerman
Legal Ethics, Externships & Clinics, Family Law, Legal Education


Laurie Lewis

Laurie A. Lewis
Legal Research and Writing, Family Law & Mediation

David Lipton

David A. Lipton
Securities Regulation, Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance

Rett Ludwikowski

Rett R. Ludwikowski
Comparative and International Law, International Trade


Suzette Malveaux

Suzette Malveaux
Civil Procedure, Complex Litigation, Civil Rights Law, Fair Employment Law 


Lisa Martin

Lisa Vollendorf Martin
Domestic Violence, Family Law, Immigration Law

Michael McGonnigal

Michael McGonnigal
Advocacy for the Elderly, Family Law


Veryl Miles

Veryl Victoria Miles
Consumer Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Legal Education


Faith Mullen

Faith Mullen
Elderly and Family Law, Welfare Reform, Medicaid Policy


Fr. Ray O'Brien

Rev. Raymond C. O'Brien
Family Law, Trusts and Estates


J.P. Ogilvy

J.P. Ogilvy
Civil Procedure, Innocence Project Clinic, Social Justice Initiatives



Ken Pennington

Kenneth Pennington
Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Legal History, Church History


Tony Perez

Antonio Fidel Perez
Public and Private International Law, International Business


Mark Rienzi

Mark L. Rienzi
Constitutional Law, Religious Liberty, First and Fourteenth Amendments




Heidi Mandanis Schooner
Domestic and International Regulation of Financial Institutions


Marin Scordato

Marin R. Scordato
Tort Law, Agency Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Education



Lucia Silecchia

Lucia Ann Silecchia
Trusts and Estates, Environmental Law, Property

George Smith

George P. Smith II
Public Health Law; Law, Science and Medicine

William Wagner

William Gabriel Gregory Wagner
Jurisprudence, Commercial Law, Law and Christian Ethics

Geoff Watson

Geoffrey R. Watson
Public International Law, Middle East Peace Process,  American Legal History


Victor Williams

Victor Williams
Law and Economics, the Federal Appointment Process


Elizabeth Winston

Elizabeth Winston
Patent Law, Trademarks and Unfair Competition, Contracts



Fred Woods

Frederick E. Woods
Lawyering Skills, Mediation and Arbitration










Marin Scordato

Marin Scordato
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research


Michelle Borda

Michelle Borda
Assistant Dean for Administration

Maura DeMouy

Maura DeMouy
Assistant Dean for
Student Support

Georgia Niedzielkow

Georgia A. Niedzielko
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs





Other Faculty

Ben Mintz

Benjamin W. Mintz
Employment Law, Administrative Law, Professional Responsibility


Michael Noone

Michael F. Noone, Jr.
Military Law, National Security Law, Peacekeeping









Emeritus/Retired Faculty


Maxwell Bloomfield
Professor Emeritus



Leroy D. Clark
Professor Emeritus



John J. Garvey
Professor Emeritus



William A. Kaplin
Professor Emeritus



Raymond B. Marcin
Professor Emeritus



Stephen G. Margeton
Professor Emeritus



Ralph J. Rohner
Professor Emeritus


Ellen Scully

Ellen M. Scully
Clinical Assistant Professor of Law (Retired)


G. Graham Waite
Professor Emeritus

Leah Worthan

Leah Wortham
Professor Emerita


Harvey L. Zuckman
Professor Emeritus







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