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Center for the Study of Culture and Values

Catholic University of America

Washington, D.C.


  • Ph.D : Islamic Studies, Islamic University, Qom, Iran, 1992
  • Ijtehad: Hwzeh Elmiyeh, Qom, Iran, 1997
  • Ph.D. (student): Philosophy, Catholic University of America, USA,
    Washington DC, present
  • MA: Philosophy, Allamah tabatabaii University, Tehran, Iran, 1998
  • BA: Philosophy, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, 1995


  • Islamic Theology and Philosophy
  • Islamic Law and Jurisprudence
  • Philosophy, Metaphysics, Epistemology, History of Philosophy
  • Human rights, Women rights
  • International Law, Ethics


  • September 2000 - Present:
  • Research Associate, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
  • Conducted research on Human rights in Islam
  • Assistant for International Conference on Human rights in Islam, Tehran, Iran
  • Conducted research in comparative issues between Islam and Christianity
  • Involved in the research about the Clashes of civilizations, Washington,DC
  • Involving in writing Ph.D. thesis on Freedom and Religion, Catholic University, Washington, DC
  • June, 1992 - September 2000:
  • Conducted research on the role of Democracy on Iranian Society, Mofid University, Iran
  • Involved in research on the Impact of Islamic Studies on Iranian student at universities;
  • Involved in Seminar on Religion and Hermeneutics, Mofid University, Iran
  • MA thesis: Religion in age of Science, Allamae Taba tabaii, Tehran, Iran
  • Ph.D. Thesis: Islamic Taxation in Contemporary world


  • Member of the Center for the Study of Cultures and Values (CSCV)


  • Excellent Student Award from Mofid University, Qom Iran (free education for MA Degree in Allama Tabatabaii University, Tehran)
  • Scholarship for Ph.D. Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, September, 2000


· Books

  • Ian G. Barbour. Religion in age of Science, translation and commentary by Ahmad Iravani. Tehran: Hamid Publication, 2001
  • Ahmad Iravani. Ethics and International Law, Tehran: Hamid Publication, 2000
  • A comparative study between Tomas Aquinas and Avicenna (under publication)
  • Freedom according to Islam (under publication)


  • Presentations in different universities and Iranian and Islamic centers worldwide:

Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Argentine, Lebanon, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, England

  • Presentations in the U.S.A.:

§ Irshad Center in Cleveland, OH, (12 Lectures on Celebrating in Islam, Fasting in Islam, Islamic Law, Moslem Philosophers, November, 2002)

§ University of BYU, UTAH, (lecture on "Freedom of Religion and Belief in Iran: at "Seventh Annual Law and Religion Symposium", December, 2000)

§ Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. (5 lectures on Cultures and Values, New Islamic Responses to the Challenges of Modernity in Iran, Islamic Reformism and

Fundamentalism in Contemporary Iran, and the Roots of Fundamentalism in Islam from 2000 to present)

§ Islamic Center in Oakland, CA, (35 lectures on Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism, Theology, in different occasions from October, 2000 to December, 2002)

§ Iranian cultural center in Sacramento, CA, (30 lectures on Modernity and Religion, the role of Parents in the Society, in more than four times between October, 2000 and December, 2002)

§ Saba center in Sun Jose, CA, (3 lectures on Education and Morals, October, 20002)

§ Darol Quran, in Sun Jose, CA, (3 lectures on Interpretation of Holly Quran, and Peace, October, (2002)

§ Islamic Center in Salt Lake City, UTA, (15 lectures on Ethics, Women rights in Islam, Interpretation, History, November 2001)

§ Irshad Center in Chicago, IL (20 lectures on Quranic topics, Islamic Law, Gender in Islam, November/December 2000)

§ Mahdiaeh Center in Philadelphia, PA, (23 lectures on Tolerance in Islam, Human rights, freedom of speech, November, 2000 and March, 2001

§ Islamic Center in Potomac, MD (17 lectures on Islamic Issues in different occasions, February, 2001- October 2002)

§ Church of Presbyterian, MD (Introduction to Islam, August, 2002)

§ Imam Zaman Center in New Jersey, (lecture on Leadership and Imamat In Islam, March, 2001)


· September 2000 - present

§ "Islamic Law" at the Columbus School of Law (Catholic University of America)

§ "Introduction to Islam" & "Muslim God" at the School of Religion and Theology (Catholic University of America)

§ "History of Philosophy" at the Iranian Interest Section (Washington, DC)

· June 1990-2000

§ "Ancient Philosophy, Islamic Economy, Interpretation of the Quran" at Mofid University, Qom, Iran

§ "Islamic Low, Foundation of Islamic Economy, Islamic Philosophy" at the Allame Tabatabaii University, Tehran, Iran

§ "Logic and Methodology" at the Ministry of Justice, Tehran, Iran

§ "Islamic History, Mystics" at Amir Kabir University Tehran, Iran


· Director for Islamic Studies and Dialogue at the Center for the Study of Culture and Values, Catholic University of America. 2002- Present

  • Mofid University's Representative to the United Nations. 2000-2002
  • Dean of the Philosophy School, Mofid University. 1996-2000
  • President of the Center for Islamic Studies, Zimbabwe. 1987-1990