The Catholic University of America

Wireless Network and Printing

Office of Computer Services

The Columbus School of Law has a wireless network that encompasses all public areas, classrooms and offices within the building. Only current law school students with a valid student ID are given access to this network. If you wish to have wireless access, please bring your laptop/smartphone/tablet and student ID to Computer Services to have the password entered.

The law school also offers wireless printing from any location in the building to printers in the library. Instructions on how to install the printers on your laptop are here, or a Computer Services technician can install the printers for you.  Unfortunately, at this time, printing from smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets is not supported.

Users on the wireless network must abide by the CUA computing policy. Any person found in violation of this policy could be blocked from access to the network and referred to the responsible office.

CUA Computing Policy: