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Office of Computer Services | Student Information

Student organizations and journals at the Columbus School of Law have many resources available to them from the Office of Computer Services. The list below is not exhaustive, and Computer Services will work with your organization to assist with any IT needs.

Organization Web site

Student organizations can have a Web site hosted off of the domain to display their organization. The site is edited through CUA's content management system and a web contact will need to be designated by the organization. Please contact Computer Services to have a Web site setup.

Generic email alias

A generic email alias can be created for each organization as way to have a continuous email contact even when officers change. This address is not a new login account at CUA but a distribution group that will forward mail sent to it. Please contact Computer Services to have an  email alias setup.

Network storage space

A network folder can be created for your organization to assist with collaborating on projects. This folder is on a secure server that is backed up daily and only designated members of your organization will have access to the contents. Please contact Computer Services to have a folder setup.