The Catholic University of America

 Your CUA Network ID, Cardinal Station, and Cardinal Mail

All students have three logon accounts at CUA: Your CUA Network ID, Cardinal Station, and Cardinal Mail.

Your CUA network account allows you to login on any networked computer, access your "M" drive (for storing files on a protected, backed-up network server), access various websites such as the externships site, and more.  You may occasionally hear this logon referred to as your "NT logon," though that name is becoming more and more antiquated.

For new students, your network logon account is created when you matriculate. Once it has been created, you can find your Cardinal Mail and CUA Network logon account information by logging onto Cardinal Station. Navigate to Student Self-Service. Once there, click on the Student Center link. Under Personal Information, select CUA Logon Accounts from the drop down list and click the Arrow button. This page lists your CUA username and e-mail address, and instructions on how to use this username to log onto both Cardinal Mail and for the first time.

Your student CUA Network account username is composed of two digits plus your last name (or part of your last name, depending on length and conflicts with similarly named people). Your password must be changed at least every 90 days, and should be hard to guess. To change your password, login to and navigate to the "Change Password" link.

If you forgot your password, or have difficulty accessing your network account, please visit this page.

Cardinal Station is the University's "portal" for all things related to your academics, your student financial information, your contact information and more.  It is very important to check Cardinal Station on a regular basis and make sure everything there is up-to-date.

Cardinal Mail is the University's email system for students, and it is provided by Google.  Learn more here.