The Catholic University of America

All CUA students are given network storage space in order to save and backup their files. This space is accessible from any of the campus computers by looking for the M:\ drive located in My Computer. You can also access this space from any internet connected computer by navigating to After logging in, click on My Files to view, delete or upload any files.

Personal Web site

All students also have Web space hosted for them at CUA. The URL for your personal site is The ## is the two digit number that is part of your network ID. If your network ID is 00SMITH, then your Web site would be

To create/edit your Web site, login to and click on "My Files." Under the "My Files" directory there is a folder called "_WEB [website]." In this directory you can upload web pages written in HTML and images. Computer Services cannot assist students with the creation of personal Web sites, though we'd be happy to point you to some resources should you be interested.  This Web space is publicly available to anybody on the internet, so make sure to fully understand the Computer Use Policies before posting anything.