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Because CUA participates in the Microsoft Campus Agreement through the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area, faculty and staff may run one copy of Microsoft Office suite and other Office software on one personally-owned computer such as a home desktop or notebook. Faculty and staff need only purchase the media for each software package, at the approximate price of $55.

The form for ordering a faculty or staff Work-at-Home use version of Microsoft Office can be found on the Foundation for California Community Colleges website. Note that Microsoft places significant restrictions on the use of work-at-home software, including that the software may not be used for personal purposes. Please be sure to read about these restrictions in detail on the Foundation's web site before you order the software.

Software for Personal Use at Home for Faculty and Staff

Through its affiliation with the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area, CUA faculty and staff may purchase Microsoft, Adobe/Macromedia, Autodesk and Quark boxed software products for their personal use at home through ComputerLand of Silicon Valley at substantial discounts.