The Catholic University of America

 When will I get my e-mail account?
All students have three logon accounts at CUA. The first is your Cardinal Station account, that was mailed to you when you applied to the university, for use exclusively at The second is your Cardinal Mail account, for use in Cardinal Mail. All official university correspondence will be emailed to your Cardinal Mail account. Remember, it is your responsibility to regularly check this e-mail account. The third is your CUA Network logon account that is used to log onto lab computers and Your CUA Network logon account is created shortly before your first semester at the university.

Once it has been created, you can find your CUA Network account information by logging onto Cardinal Station. Navigate to Student Self Service, select Student Center. Under Personal Information click on the drop down menu and select CUA Network Login. This page lists your CUA Network account username and e-mail address, and instructions on how to log on for the first time.

How do I reset my CUA network logon password?
You can reset your CUA network account at Click on 'Forgot your Password?' on the upper right hand side of the page. Click on 'Password Reset', answer a few questions and in 10 minutes you'll be able to log back in to your mail account.

Keep in mind that your network logon password expires every 90 days and will need to be changed. You can change your expired password by using it to log onto For more information about passwords, please visit contact Computer Services at x4444.

How do I reset my Cardinal Mail logon password if I forgot it?

You can reset your Cardinal Mail Password Reset page. You will need to answer a few questions as part of the process. Once you log onto Cardinal Mail with the new password, you will be prompted to enter the new password again.

My Cardinal Station logon account isn't working.
Cardinal Station User IDs are case sensitive, meaning if there are letters in your User ID make sure the right ones are upper-cased and lower-cased. Also check to make sure you have the right password. (NOTE: Cardinal Station User IDs passwords are different from your CUA Network logon username and Cardinal Mail address.) If it still isn't working, please contact the University's Computer Information Center at 202 319 4357.

Does the law school have a wireless network?
The law school has an 802.11g wireless network that covers all classrooms, offices and public areas. You can have your computer configured for our network during orientation or at any other time in the Office of Computer Services, room 315.

Can I connect my smartphone or tablet to the wireless network?
We will be happy to connect your smartphone or tablet (iPad, etc.) to the wireless network.  You can have your mobile device configured for our network during orientation or at any other time in the Office of Computer Services, room 315.  Unfortunately, printing is not supported from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Can I forward my Cardinal Mail email to another account?
Although we do not encourage you to forward your Cardinal Mail, it is possible to do so. Information about forwarding your Cardinal Mail to another e-mail account is available at Google Help Center. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the address to which you are forwarding to works. CUA sends official communications only to your Cardinal Mail address. If your forwarding address stops working, you will not receive these important communications.

Do I need a laptop for law school?
You are not required to own a laptop at The Columbus School of Law, however, many of our students do have one and find it very helpful for their legal studies. Aside from being able to take notes in class, students are able to access numerous electronic resources, such as West Law and Lexis Nexis, and take their final exams using Securexam. CUA has negotiated deals with several vendors to allow for discounts on laptops. Please see the Laptop Recommendations page for links to their Web sites.

What do I need to take my exams on my laptop?
You will need to register for exams online and download the Securexam program to your laptop. Any recently purchased laptop will work with Securexam, including Vista and MAC OS.

Can I use an Apple Mac, or do I need Microsoft Windows?
Your Apple Mac will work fine on the law school's wired and wireless network and with Securexam, the exam taking software.

Can I install Microsoft Office?
Students may purchase software, including Microsoft Office, at reduced academic prices in the campus bookstore located in the Pryzbyla Center.

What do I do if I have a problem with my computer or e-mail?
The Columbus School of Law, Office of Computer Services provides free computing help to faculty, staff and students. Computer Services is located in room 315 open Monday - Friday 9:00am to 6:30pm, or you can call 202-319-4444 or email us at