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As the field of communications law moves forward to meet the challenges of a digital interactive world, it is an exciting time to assume the directorship of the Institute for Communications Law Studies.  Since 1981, when CUA Law Professor Harvey Zuckman’s vision of a center of excellence for communications law studies became a realty here in Washington, D.C.  many Institute graduates have become leaders and nationally known experts in the field.  Throughout my communications law career in the private and public sectors, I have enjoyed the privilege of interacting with many of them as valued colleagues, worthy adversaries, or talented students and externs.  Now I look forward to continuing the Institute’s fine tradition of cultivating skilled and dedicated communications law professionals for the future.

In the 2010-11 academic year, the Institute launched a new curriculum, building upon the program’s traditional strengths and expanding its focus with a view toward the future. We invite prospective students to explore these pages and learn about the opportunities the Institute has to offer and to return soon to our forthcoming updated website.  If you have already developed a passion for telecommunications, information, or media law and policy or are intrigued by the possibility of making this highly dynamic and important field a part of your legal education, please consider joining us.  

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