The Catholic University of America



TO:            Rising 2Ds, 3Es, 3Ds and 4Es

FROM:       Jill Frost, Director

DATE:        June 2013
RE:            Welcome to the 2013 Fall Recruiting Program

Though summer 2013 has only just begun, it is already time to start planning your job search for 2014! This year’s Fall Recruiting Program (FRP) is rapidly approaching. The Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) has compiled an online packet with step-by-step procedures, tips and deadlines for the upcoming recruiting season. Please read this memorandum carefully. It is designed to help you navigate the information packet accessible on our webpage as well as assist you with the student registration.
To get started, sign on to OCPD’s webpage at, select STUDENTS, 2013 Fall Recruiting Program. There you will find additional information about the 2013 FRP. After reading “The 2013 Fall Recruiting Program: Instruction Guide," please begin your research on legal employers. To view employers participating in the 2013 FRP, sign into your Symplicity account and click on the OCI tab in the navigation bar, then select a "Session." To date, there are five Fall 2013 sessions and one session for the 2013 Boston Interview Program.
To participate in the 2013 FRP, you must register with OCPD by completing the tasks listed in “The 2013 Fall Recruiting Program: Instruction Guide.” You must register even if you participated in the 2012 FRP. OCPD will use Symplicity, a web-based system, whereby you will research participating employers, select employers to whom you wish to bid (apply) and schedule your on-campus interviews. Students will be able to view/see only those employers who seek their class year. Please check Symplicity often, as employers will continue to register for the 2013 FRP throughout the recruiting season. If you have any additional questions please contact OCPD at 202-319-5132 or at