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Beginning in a student's first-year after November 1 and available throughout a graduate's career, OCPD offers the following job-related services:

CAREER COUNSELING: Individual counseling sessions provide advice on legal career opportunities, job search strategies, résumé and cover letter drafting, interviewing skills, and researching organizations and positions. Self-assessment is also available for those whose goals and objectives are yet to be defined.

PROGRAMS: In addition to its one-on-one service, OCPD sponsors career programs, often in conjunction with student organizations, hosting guest speakers who cover topics such as judicial clerkships, public interest careers, and various law specialties and employer types. Check out the OCPD Calendar of Events for a complete listing of this semester's programs.

RECRUITING: Fall recruiting enables employers to interview students both on- and off-campus for summer and permanent positions. In addition, students are requested to send their résumés directly, or through OCPD's résumé collection service, to employers who are not able to conduct on-campus interviews during the fall season. Those employers will then directly contact the students they wish to interview in their offices. Beyond fall recruiting, OCPD offers a variety of other recruiting services to employers throughout the academic year.

ALUMNI NETWORK: An identified network of alumni allows students to contact those alumni who are willing to participate in informational interviews.

RESOURCES: OCPD has an ever-expanding resource library with materials relevant to all types of employers and all areas of practice. Directories and other job search materials provide contact names and addresses needed to pursue employment. Individual employer files contain information regarding law firms, corporations, public interest organizations, and federal and state government agencies. Career planning and strategy books may be checked-out for up to a week. A bibliography categorizes publications by areas of interest. OCPD also collects bar admission information from U.S. jurisdictions.

HANDOUTS: OCPD publishes a series of handouts to assist with each step of their job search. Among the myriad of topics addressed are Résumé Writing, Cover Letters, Interviewing, Informational Interviewing, Thank-You Letters, and Judicial Clerkships. Employer research handouts include Top Ten Resource lists for Corporations, Judiciary, Government, Lobbying/Government Relations, Private Practice, and Public Interest. Additional resource handouts include Environmental Career Resources, Job Search Strategies, International Law Resources, The Internet: A Resource for Finding Positions and Salary Information. The Public Sector Handbook offers advice on preparing for a career in the public sector, including job search strategies, affording a public sector job, and information on summer internships and postgraduate fellowships.

JOB POSTINGS: OCPD's Job Posting System, which advertises open positions, consists of an online database, accessible via the Internet (Symplicity) after registering with OCPD. Positions posted include: part-time employment for law students, full-time for evening students, summer jobs, judicial clerkships, and jobs for entry-level and experienced attorneys. OCPD typically receives over 4,000 job postings during a year.

MOCK INTERVIEWS: OCPD conducts mock interviews with students and alumni at any time during the year. An appointment must be scheduled with an OCPD counselor at least 24 hours in advance. A structured Mock Interview Program is held at the beginning of the Fall and Spring Semesters. Second-, third-, and fourth-year students are able to participate in the Fall Mock Interview Program. All students are able to participate in the Spring Program, but for first-year law students it will be their first opportunity.

EQUIPMENT: Computer terminals are available in OCPD for student and alumni use. These offer LEXIS/NEXIS, WestLaw, Internet Explorer and Netscape Internet browser access, Wordperfect, and Word. Instruction on performing career-related on-line research is provided upon request. Laser printers can be used to prepare job-related documents, such as cover letters and résumés. A fax machine is available for sending job-related faxes.

RECIPROCITY: Students and alumni can use the career services office of a law school outside of Washington, D.C. depending on the school's policy. This can be helpful during holiday and summer vacations. After graduating, reciprocity can be helpful if you permanently relocate outside of the Washington, D.C. area. Students and alumni interested in obtaining reciprocity need to request the arrangement through OCPD.